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Acrylic Injection Molding Machine

Acrylic Injection Molding Machine

LCH-H80 toLCH-H500 ; LCH-V100 to LCH-V850

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Acrylic injection molding machine is unique among others because it must be very stable during injection action, especially when injecting in slow speed, which must be controlled slowly and stable to increase good product percentage. When designing the barrel screw, one must be experienced and careful, otherwise, thick wall products may generate bubbles. In short, it is important to choose an experienced factory for acrylic injection to increase good product percentage.
Acrylic injection is special and cannot be substitute. For example, it's transparency condition can compete with P.S and P.E.T, however, P.S products are not as hard as acrylic products and can easily become indistinct. As for the P.E.T products, although it has good transparency and can stand for chemistry, it is complicate and difficult for injecting and molding. Yet, P.E.T.G material will be the better choice for cosmetic products since it is better capable for chemistry than acrylic material.
Acrylic also has been largely used on lighting art products since it has very clear transparency. By designing multiple angles with laser board, products will be very translucent and shinning, which can replace crystal lamp to reduce cost.
Moreover, cosmetic boxes, bathroom accessories, food container, decorations, and thick wall products use a lot of acrylic since it has good transparency characteristics.

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