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Hard PVC Injection Molding Machine

Hard PVC Injection Molding Machine

LCH-H80 toLCH-H500 ; LCH-V100 to LCH-V850

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

There are three types of P.V.C materials: soft P.V.C, hard P.V.C, and C.P.V.C. These three materials have a common characteristic, which is if the heater temperature sets too high, it will generate the HCI corrosive gas and toxic vinyl chloride monomer that hurts human body. Since HCI rusts steel seriously, it is important to control the heater temperature not getting too high during production to prevent harm. At the end of production, one must clean properly using common plastic material to prevent barrel and screw rust. It is even better to decrease the heater temperature while still producing prior to shutting down the machine. Then, using a dedicate P.V.C machine is suggested so one can prevent damaging every machine barrels and screws.
When injecting the hard P.V.C and C.P.V.C material, it must use dedicated custom made special screw and barrel, and the compression ratio must not be too high to prevent overheating the heater. For the better result, installing a fan by the barrel is a good solution.
Since P.V.C material is good at chemical and weather resistance, plus it is firm, not easy to burn, never rot, and antirust, it has been used a lot for construction pipes such as electric, water, two joint, and three joint pipes.

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