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Diamond and CBN Tools for Mold and Die Maker

Diamond and CBN Tools for Mold and Die Maker

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超音波振動研磨機 Ultrasonic Lapping Machine、鎢鋼刀 Tungsten Carbide Burrs、氣動工具 Precision Air Grinder、羊毛輪 Felts Bobs、砂輪 Grinding Wheels、石材切割片 Diamond Saw Blades for Stone Cutting、單石修刀 Natural Single Point Dresser、圓錐修刀 Cone Type Dresser、結合修刀 Impregnated Diamond Dressers、鑽石銼刀 Diamond Files、鑽石膏Diamond Compounds、帶柄砂輪 Abrasive Mounted Points、鑄磨用油石 Mold Stone、搪缸油石 Honing Stone、鑽頭研磨機 Drill Grinder

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