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Wet brake clutch
characteristics of action
The function of the hydraulic brake clutch combination is to use the unique wet operation and oil-cooled steel plate and clutch plate friction combination, the oil pressure is 60bar, the multi-plate structure and the oil-cooled high-efficiency friction steel plate combination is very Complete high output design, this combination can also provide high torque with low moment of inertia, and allow high frequency switching. It can also be used as a variety of options if you are not satisfied with the air brake clutch. In addition, it can also make the operating noise low reduce.
This hydraulic brake clutch can also be widely used in punching and cutting machine engineering, especially in large punching machines, it is also found to be used in embossing punching and deep drawing punching and other similar applications.
Installation Notes
The brake clutch combination is usually installed on a body surface and cannot be rotated. The hydraulic oil enters from the shaft and the clutch housing. To prevent oil leakage, the tolerance of the shaft is h6.H7. In order to meet the operating speed and repetitive braking angle of this brake clutch combination Therefore, the size of the hydraulic system and the design of the circuit are determined by our years of experience.
Supply of hydraulic oil and cooling oil
An oil pressure cooling unit needs to provide a brake clutch combination, oil for pressure building and cooling. The size and design of the unit must be in line with the purpose of the application. In addition, the oil pressure and cooling pumps and related safety components must be able to operate. Free disassembly and independent operation, the operating pressure of the oil pressure entering the clutch shaft is 60bar, and it leads to the piston through the clutch housing. A part of the oil is used for lubricating and cooling the clutch plate. The piston seal ring (rectangular iron ring) allows oil to pass, there is a continuous leakage flow and cooling oil, which is collected by the body and flows back to the tank.
Because of the high heat dissipation required, additional cooling oil is required to flow through the body, so an additional cooler is required for cooling.
Rotary joint
The design of this rotary joint needs to be able to be installed at the end of the shaft, and can be connected with various pipe joints and fixed on the body with screws. This design allows oil to enter directly.

Advantages of hydraulic brake clutch
1. Suitable for high frequency switching
2. Applicable to high torque output
3. Small braking angle
4. Low noise
5. Small size
6. Long service life without maintenance
7. There will be no dry brake system, which is easy to generate dust and is more environmentally friendly

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