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Car-Axle-Assembly Balancing Machine

Car-Axle-Assembly Balancing Machine

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This two-axle horizontal balancing machine is designed for testing and correcting the dynamic balance of car axles. Microprocessor-controlled, this model automatically corrects imbalance angles and locks axles at fixed
angles, and finishes the process rapidly with a spot welder.

• Servomotor control and GP control are accurate and
pre-set via touch control.
• WindowsXP operating system and high-capacity hard disk
• Monitor displays all sorts of settings and digitized imbalance angles,
weights, rotation speed s, and synchronous vector ray charts
• Automatic digitized zero adjustment
• Automatically turns the imbalance angles to any preset location
• Automatically calculates imbalance compensation positions and
cuts iron sheets rapidly to add weight for compensation.
• Data (including time, work amount, and operator code) will be saved
in the computer automatically after the work is done
• Measurement outcome can be printed out (printer optional)
• RS-232 data output
• Workpiece balance value can be preset with indication of standard or
substandard status
• Computerized measurement and positioning are carried out with a
simple touch of the "Start" button

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