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Electronic Ballast

Electronic Ballast

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.High power factor, low self power consumption, effectively increasing power supply capacity and utilization ratio, enhancing light input and improving illuminating effect.
2.Small volume, light weight, no strobe light, no noise, and thus causing no vision fatigue to users.
3.Electronic ballast makes it possible to start the fluorescent lamp under lower voltage.
4.Starting by electronic ballast without starter necessary, low maintenance cost.
5.Equipped with protection function against abnormity. In case of abnormity, the electronic ballast will turn into protection state, and will resume working after the abnormity is eliminated.
6.Chenhui electronic ballast adopts preheating start, abnormity protection, electromagnetic compatible, over-voltage and short circuit protection, yielding high power factor and low harmonic wave.
7.Applicable to collective use in commercial sites, offices, families, schools, exhibition centers, etc., without pollution to power net.
8.Supply T5 8W/14W/21W/28W/35W, T8 18W/30W/36W/58W, “one driving one, and one driving two” optional.


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