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Case Packer

Case Packer

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

A. Human-machine interfacing screen control.
B. Automatic error massage display provides convenient shooting trouble.
  Applicable for wrapping various products, such as tin plate can 、 PVC bottle 、 PET bottle and glass bottle.
C. Fully wrapped shallow carton packing operation.
D. Parameters can be set and modified on the screen.
E. Scale provided for machine adjustment permits recording and convenience for adjustment.
F. Indexing transmission system eliminates inaccurate packing problem.
G. Glue spraying is calculated by encoder, ensuring consistent glue spraying length on each carton and permits adjustment and memorizing at any time.
H. Fast set up for various sizes.
I . All moving parts are provided with grease nipples for lubrication. Hard-to-reach bearings located at the machine bottle are centralized lubrication at outside through oil tubes.
J. Applicable Products: Tin plate can, PE bottle, PP bottle, PET bottle, Glass bottle and aluminum foil box.


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