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Liquid Silicon Injection Molding Machine

Liquid Silicon Injection Molding Machine

LCH-H80~LCH-H500 ; LCH-V100~LCH-V850

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The difference between liquid silicon machine and general machine:
Liquid silicon machine uses liquid fluid as the material feeding type, which is different from other injection machines. It must mix two liquid types in high speed mixing action until semi solid condition then charge to send the material to the barrel and standby for injection. Meanwhile, the material in the barrel must be kept in low temperature condition, therefore, a water chilling system must be installed with the barrel to control the temperature under 20°C. Usually, thermoplastic material is heated up in barrel then injected to the mold for cooling to solid formation. In contrast, liquid silicon becomes solid after heating. Material must be injected into mold then cool the fixed mold to room temperature, while heat the moving mold between 150 to 170°C in order to solid form the material then open the mold to bring the product out.

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