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  We are a leading green technology company specializing in the integration of latest technology in energy saving and new alternative energy sources. We aim to be the catalyst in green technology to contribute our humble share of responsibility for our mother earth.
  By partnering with world class LED companies, we are providing superb LED light products with innovative thermal management technology for longer life expectancy for over 50,000+ hours. With minimal power consumption to achieve great energy efficiency, our LED lights are able to greatly reduce energy costs. Furthermore, these LED lighting devices are designed based on proprietary platforms to produce high luminous flux but low junction temperature, consequently, the longer useful life.
  With the availability of new alternative energy sources, such as wind power and solar energy, we seek the technological advances in furthering the applications of LED lights. Our products cover full ranges of lights from indoor LED lights to outdoor LED street lights. They have been installed in different major sites around the world for real-life use. The real-life performances and records speak for themselves.
  By leveraging our strengths in the fields, we are proudly opening our new plant in China to reap the benefit of global economy integration. We are positioned to be a winning manufacturing service pioneer in green tech and we certainly want you to see the brighter light (the LED light), with less power consumption, less CO2 emission for the globe.


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