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ZHEJIANG HENNGXIN AUTOMOBILE PARTS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, lay in China maximal automobile spare manufacture base---yuhuan county in zhejiang province, which is close to south of the Ningbo port and south of the Wenzhou coving.
Established in 1993 the stock collaborate manufacture enterprise for several years, has occupied upper accumulate extensive experience at automobile spare parts manufacturing. We own a factory covering a total area of over 7,000 square meters, where we employ more than nearly 200 skilled and professional employees. 28 of them are technical forces and 20 in management's personals. We are a professional manufacturer of automotive chassis and steering parts and export a lot abroad.
We have maintained our guiding principles of "Quality first, Customer first" withal pragmatic approach both over hardening technical force and extensive experience supply optimal solution with approve door, withal sincere serve gone draw immensity approve household trust forth.   
The determination of the epochal at very fast speed develop inspirit whereabouts H.ball people shook yourself together technological advances lead we confidence hundredfold to hodiernal achievement except H.BALL new origination. Above oceanographically road real situation expect craft brother know each other well, acquaintanceship of, stand together regardless of situation, the future of the together approach national industry, incarnate own value of human life hand in hand trend resplendent tomorrow.


Ball Joint, Rack End, Idler Arm, Cross Rod, Tie Rod End, Pitman Arm, Control Arms (Suspension Arms), Stabilizer Link, Side Rode Assembly, Inner Arm Shaft Kit, Suspension Parts, Steering System Parts, Suspension Arms


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