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Founded in 1999, YI KAIS is a large foreign capital enterprise, devoted to the R&D, production and marketing of optoelectronic, plastic, metallic and PCB products, and now has already integrated technology, industry and trade into the group. Under the leadership of board chairman, YI KAIS is committed to the tenet of “Bring value for customer, Create chance for staff and Benefit the society”, and always keeps to the business principle of “Engage talented staff and Deliver top goods”, as a result, YI KAIS has seen great growth over the past seven years, and is now among the fast-growing companies in Dongguan.

Entering the 21st century, YI KAIS has been on the way to diversify its products and expand the group. In the past three years, YI KAIS has built, invested and controlled stakes in several companies and factories. With its center in the Zhujiang Delta, YI KAIS has become a 111large group integrating R&D, Production and Marketing into business. Its branches and associate companies include: HK YI KAIS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD, YI KAIS INERNATIONAL., LTD, YI CHIA OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, KUNSHAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, ZHONGSHAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, HONG YEU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, SHENZHEN HONGYA OPTO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD, YU KWUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, ZHENSHENG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, HAPPY ELECTRONICS., LTD and etc. Besides, YI KAIS has also joined hands with the SHINKO and Taiwan ULTRA and other optoelectronics companies to achieve sustained development.


Lamp, LED Bulbs, Lighting Decorations

Company: Yi Kai Industries Co.

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