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Antiow Co., Ltd , a leading expert of lighting technology, is developing a series LED lamps and lighting fixture.

Antiow Co., Ltd worked together with a pioneer LED package & design company , to launched a new type patented all-metal SMD high power LED , which with benefits of :
 * Best Lumen / area in industry .
 * Best lumen / package in industry.
 * Capably to driven up to 1000mA.
 * RoHs and WEEE compliant.

With 20 years experience in developing energy saving lamp/bulb. Antiow Co., Ltd. has designed and developed a series of quality reliable LED lamp/bulb and applications such as :
 * MR-16 Halogent lamp .
 * PAR20 , PAR30 , PAR38 spot light.
 * Candle light.
 * T5 , T8 , circuit fluorescent tube
 * Table Lamp.


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Company: ANTIOW CO., LTD.

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