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YCC Tech Lighting devotes to promote environmental energy-saving products, developing high-tech energy-efficient lighting products- High Frequency EFL (Electrodeless Fluorescent Lamp).
Our EFL products can reach over 80% energy-saving effect which the ordinary illumination lightings cannot compare: long-life (60,000~100,000 hours), high luminous efficacy, power factor >98%, low usage of watts, good heat dissipation, color rendering index>80Ra, wide range color temperature, no flashing, instant start, over 80% visible light ratio, easy to install, reduce the cost of replacement & maintenance, so that people can enjoy more comfortable and healthy living environment protection life.
Our EFL is the only one passed “Product Testing Certification” from Burea of Standards, Metrology & Inspection of Taiwan (BSMI): we passed international safety certifications: CNS, CNS14335 and CNS14115 electromagnetic interference EMI, no EMC, EMI or ultraviolet issues. We have obtained various patents from Taiwan, USA and China. Our EFL has got approval of Product Safety Qualification Mark in Taiwan.
The High Frequency EFL series have indoor and outdoor lamps, such as Ceiling EFL, Floodlight EFL, Road EFL, Tunnel EFL, gas station EFL, Explosion-proof EFL, courtyard EFL, its applied area: household, production factories, offices, schools, department stores, warehouses, hypermarkets, streets, tunnels, courtyard, etc…are applied.


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