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Here at Hu Lane Associates Inc., incorporated in 1977, we have spared no effort to devote ourselves to the development of terminal products oriented to cars and motorcycles. As always, we supply and serve customers with superb products and services with the utmost possible faithfulness and pragmatic attitude. As we consistently live up to the utmost satisfaction of customers, our customers are in a position to reap the largest possible profitability.
Hu Lane Associates Inc. is characterized by incessant efforts in Research & Development, innovation of a variety of expertise and know-how which virtually advance with each passing day. Meanwhile, we develop sounder ways of management and methods to manufacture products of increasingly higher quality. In the eyes of numerous customers, Hu Lane is a worthy brand name suggesting trustworthiness and utmost satisfaction which, in turn, lead Hu Lane toward sustained growth and prosperity.


Connector for Auto Terminal, Housing Connector, Wafer (Wire to board connector), Applicator and Semi-auto Crimping Machine, Automotive Terminal, Motorbike Connector, Motorbike Terminal, Medical Terminal, White Goods Connector, Electric Vehicle Connector, Photovoltaic System Connectors, ECU Connector, Rubber Seal/ Rubber grommet, Sleeves, Rubber seals, Automotive Grommet, Relay boxe, Fuse boxes, Applicators (crimping tools)


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