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AN JEE has established since 1985. Our professional running items are the maintenance products for the cars and motorcycles, and rubber parts.

Our goals are to improve our enterprisingly, make the operation reasonably and keep the equipments automatically. Especially, we focus on the safety parts for the brakes. We understand that we are taking the responsibilities; therefore, we pay our main attention to the quality control all the time. We try to increase our employee’s standard and improve the quality control system again and again in order to make sure of the quality to satisfy the customers and make them have confidence in us. Now, our sales markets include America, Australia, Japan, Southeastern Asia, Middle Asia and Taiwan domestic. In the future we will make more new creations, apply more advanced technologies and equipments to produce the best quality, and provide our best service to serve the customers to repay our thanks for the patronage.

However, due to the progress of the society, ability in research and development is crucial and essential for all producers. Therefore, AN JEE has continuously update our machinery, equipment and production procedures to meet the requirements and criteria of this demand. AN JEE will always keep on focusing on providing the best service and quality to our customers.


CV Joint, Boots, Wheel Cylinder Cup Kits, Disc Brake Seal Kits, Brake Hoses, Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Cylinder Kits, Brake Parts, Rubber Parts, Brake Master, Wheel Cylinders, Brake System Parts


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