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ESPOWER Electronics was spin-off from Sumida Group and renamed on 1st July 2011. ESPOWER Electronics was the first offshore production site set up by Sumida Corporation who is the world-renowned leading brand in magnetic related products including transformer, inductance and coil. With over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience and capabilities, ESPOWER Electronics completely inherited and sustained the up to date technology, comprehensive product standard and strict quality control ability from its Japanese mother company.

ESPOWER Electronics now transformed from a magnetic supplier to a professional power module provider with trained and sophisticated team in Sales, R&D and manufacturing. Through this movement, ESPOWER Electronics had recognized by most the Tier 1 OEM/ODM customers around the world in 3C field and become the first power module choice when speak to the high end power module in both CCFL and LED applications.

In order to expand and maximize the company’s business scale and diversified development, the well famous funding company - H&Q invested and acquired more than 85% of the shares of ESPOWER Electronics in January 2008 to continuously give support to the company’s development in various fields, such as LED Lighting, Wireless Charger and the other power supply module related fields.


LED Light Power Module, Wireless Charger, LED Lighting Power Module, Converter, Inverter, Power, LIPS


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