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Roltech are Taiwan manufacturers of excellent quality wheels and great value prices. Our biggest new market is China. We supply China factories that in turn supply their own clients around the world.

Roltech wheels has 30+ molding experience and have come a long way from our more modest beginnings in the 70s all the way to supplying high-end wheels. Our TPR wheels have the highest rebound on the market, at a lower price.

Our wheels are SGS certified to prove it.

We recently acquired a leading heavy duty Polyurethane wheels manufacturer that makes Roltech your ideal one-stop-shop for your wheels, casters, design casters, PU and forklift truck wheels needs.

Roltech's clients are located in each of the 5 continents so we literally export millions of wheels each year, making us a truly global supplier.

Perhaps it's the first time you've seen us? That's because, until recently, we exclusively made OEM wheels for the major brand names. Yes, we're the invisible partner that makes the biggest & best brand names look good.

Now, you can now source your own wheels direct from the manufacturers so you can save money while still maintaining a high level of quality.

You could even have your own logo on your wheels.

Not only are our wheels the best on the market, but you can also save thousands by sourcing direct from us.

Roltech wheels collection
You'll appreciate our quality, unbeatable prices and above all: you'll greatly appreciate our service.

Send Roltech an email to fulfil your own wheels and caster needs.


Aluminum Alloy Wheels


Number of Total Employees: 15
Year Established: 2006
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM, EMS
Total Annual Sales (USD): 5m
Export Percentage: 95%
Export Market: The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: Roltech, Duratek
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Design and Research Services, Wholesaler, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: High quality, low cost, great value for money.
Very high rebound
Great service
European management
Approvals / Certifications: SGS testing
Company: Roltech Wheels & Casters
Address: No.29, Fengdong Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan
Telephone: +886 988 256 233
Fax: +886 4 2515 8603

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