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Established in Taiwan, New Particle Chemical Colors Corporation (NPC) specializes in manufacturing color masterbatches and plastic resin pigments.
Currently we have factories in Taiwan ( Taoyuan) and China (Shanghai). Certified by ISO-9001/2000, NPC is committed to offering top quality to customers.
Offering 1200 kinds for 4 main polymer bases of universal color masterbatches as standard colors, NPC also provides color-match for clients based on their needs to apply to various materials as ABS, PC, Nylon, PET, PP, TPR, TPE, PE, PS etc. NPC’s masterbatches are suitable for injection molding, extrusion sheet / pipe, blown film / bottle and other applications.
We established the first set of standard colors for plastics in the industry, each of which represents different material as ABS, GPS, PP, HIPS. Meanwhile we have created several special effect masterbatches to increase variety of products, for example, grain effect, wooden effect, shelly-shining masterbatches, etc.
Our know-how helps overcome issues like uneven coloring, health hazards, pollution of workplace, difficulty in changing colors, and over-stock related problems.
NPC product range:
1. Universal plastic masterbatches, PP/ABS/PC/PET/PA based masterbatches
2. Grain /Wood/ Metallic effect masterbatches
3. Phosphorescent/ Fluorescent/ Pearl/ Golden/ Silver series.
4. Shelly-shining / UV / Halogen-free masterbatches
5. Frosted white / High gloss black masterbatches
For further information or quotations, please advise your raw materials, selected item codes, molding application and final products. We will reply within 24 hours.


Masterbatches, Pigments, Dyes, Colorant, Grain Dyes, Wood Dyes, Wooden Dyes, Marble Dyes, Metallic Dyes, Pearl Dyes, Phosphorescent, Fluoresscent, Photo-Chromic, Thermo-Chromic, Additives, Color Books, Shelly-Shining-Resin, Colorants, Pigments and Dyes Materials


Year Established: 1978
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: NPC
Business Type: Manufacturer

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