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EUGENE-MOTOR INDUSTRIAL INC., the specialized developer, manufacturer, and trader, was established in 1995. Focusing on the niche market of high-end automobile accessories, EUGENE-MOTOR has striven to manufacture the most innovative products, and gained a foothold in the luxury car upgrade market.

We mainly import walnut-wood steering wheels for both Merced-Benz and BMW cars. We also offer remolded water tank covers, remolded auto lamps, and chromate treatment products.

All the accessories needed to upgrade and improve the interior decoration of automobiles are available.


Steel Wheel, Auto Light, Car Accessories, Spoiler, Grilles, Side Mildg Set, Exhaust System Parts, Racing/Sports Car Parts & Accessories, Shock Absorbers, Hoods, Exhaust Pipes, Headlamps, Tail Lamps, Body Protector Moldings, Grille & Rear Guards, Steering Wheel Covers, Car Mirrors, Fender Trims, Fenders, Body Parts, Cooling System Parts, Walnut-wood Steering Wheel, Auto Interior Accessories, Lamp Rims, Tail Lights Rim, Door Pins, Door Pin Rim, Chrome Polished Auto Parts, Front Bumper Light, Dashboard Kits, Carbon Hood, Door Sill Plate, Hood Air Vent Molding, Tail Pipes, Door Mirror Cover


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