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Ay-Ay International Co., Ltd. is a highly experienced maker of a wide range of auto lamps including head lamps, auxiliary lamps (spot, driving, and off-road driving lights) for both the aftermarket and original equipment market. The company also turns makes lamps for other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, agricultural machines and boats, and makes harnesses as well.
We believe that intensive investment in mold and die development provides our customers a comprehensive range of products that includes 700 models of fog lamps. That makes our company the most comprehensive supplier of fog lamps in the world. Our Taiwan plant has about 50 workers who turn out about 200,000 lamps per month. Auto-lamp production requires large investments in mold and die development, the procurement of optical-design technology (especially for reflectors) and overseas quality and safety certification. Our lamps meet the strictest E-mark and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) safety standards.


车灯, 头灯, 雾灯, 昼行灯, 工作灯, LED灯泡, 投射灯, 烙铁, 工业用喷枪, 越野灯, 瓦斯喷枪, 瓦斯烙铁

公司名称: 长毅国际有限公司