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Precaster Enterprises Co., LTD.,is a self-owned family business, founded in 1977 Taiwan. In the early stage, Precaster started as a surveying solution provider included training, techniques, consulting, sale and maintenance. After accumulated a huge experience on making Laser Distance Meter over the past decede. Later on, we officially established our R&D department and our mission is to provide measuring devices in a better user-friendly and a fantastic operation uses. Than, we launched our first handheld Laser Distance Meter in 2008.

Now we are at the 4.5th generation with our innovated technology to keep our product outstanding in performance and stable quality. All our products are passed inspection by 192 items in 7 categories for each unit before shipment! In addition to Handheld Laser Distance Meter, our team are also working hard to bring more to our beloved clients, base on laser distance measuring, we are build up modular product and also being flexible in making customized. We believe this is the way to keep “Precaster" a leading and reliable laser distance meter manufacturer over the world.


雷射测距仪, 测量仪器, 电子测试仪器, 小型测量工具, 测量与试验设备, 检测、量测设备及零件, 其他雷射工具


员工数: 50
公司成立年: 1977
生产模式: OEM 委托代工 , ODM 设计加工
外销比例: 100%
外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商
优势利基: ▅ Fully Taiwan-made, patented products
▅ Expert in opto-mechanical designs
公司名称: 仲阳企业有限公司
地址: 40252 台中市南区复兴路二段204号
电话: 886-4-2262-1000
传真: 886-4-2261-6565
网址: www.precaster.com.tw