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Strong Way is a professional corporation of innovating & manufacturing public space accessories. Our products which are patent in many countries are innovative, practical, functional and sold worldwide. We also present new products to the market every year


医院设备, 金属家用品, 自动雨伞机, 自动擦鞋机, 立/横式伞套架, 标示牌雨伞架, 移动/携带式栏柱, 伸缩带围栏, 告示牌, 展示板, 铜质花盆, 不锈钢花盆/烟灰缸/垃圾桶, 餐盘回收环保箱, 压罐机, 公共设施家具, 机场用家具, 饭店/旅馆用家具

公司名称: 中卫联合开发股份有限公司