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Sheang Lien Industrial Co. exports two categories of machinery; one is food-processing whole-plant equipment (including bread-, cookie-, and cake-making machines, as well as fishery food-processing machines), and the other is auto/motorcycle parts making and hardware making whole-plant equipment. Although we are a recently established firm of five years, most of our staff have more than 20 years' specific experience in the export business. With food-processing machines popular around the world, we are currently exporting our auto/motorcycle parts making and hardware making whole-plant equipment to Southeast Asian countries.We hope that the aforementioned will also become favorites with buyers from the Americas and Africa in the near future.

We can supply Turn key plant
* Custard cake production line
* Cup cake production line
* Puff cake production line
* Swiss roll production line
* Bread production line
* Bun-manto production line
* Samosa pastry sheet making machine
* Gummy candy production line
* Jelly candy production line
* Biscuit (soft or hardy) production line
* Cookie, tart & other cake machine.

Other machines also available for Proofer, Retarder, Rotary oven, Tunnel oven, Showcase, packing machine, Fish ball making machine, Vegetable slicer, Fish meat & Bone separating machine, Dumpling machine.


鱼丸制造机, 整厂设备, 生产设备, 杯子蛋糕生产设备, 泡芙糕点生产设备, 瑞士卷生产设备, 面包生产设备, 包子馒头生产设备, 咖哩饺生产设备, 软糖生产设备, 果冻生产设备, 饼乾, 水果点心及其他糕饼制造机, (硬/软)饼乾生产设备, 机车生产设备, 食品机械

公司名称: 享联实业有限公司