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The Taiwanese tools industry in its early stages focused primarily on original equipment manufacturing. After accumulating broad knowledge of the industry and polishing technical production expertise, Mark recruited his family members in related fields to create the brand, now known worldwide, as Genius.

With its roots in Taiwan, Genius quickly developed in much of Asia and Oceania. Over the years, the business grew into the American and European markets. Today, Genius Tools has become an international company with offices and warehouses strategically located around the globe, allowing us to efficiently distribute our products to over 80 countries.

Our commitment, at Genius Tools, is to provide reliable professional grade tools offered at exceptionally reasonable prices, providing our customers with the smarter choice. Continuing to deliver industry leading quality and best in class customer experience, Genius Tools will forever strive to exceed the rigorous expectations of our users.


套筒扳手組, 氣動工具, 手工具組, 螺絲起子, 汽車修護配件, 汽車維修工具, 氣動扳手, 氣動套筒, 一般氣動工具, 氣動鑽, 衝擊扳鉗, 氣動鎚, 氣動鋸, 氣動起子, 氣動釘槍, 氣動打釘槍, 氣動打釘工具


公司名稱: 天賦工業股份有限公司
地址: 407 台中市工業區工業15路4號
電話: 886-4-2359-2855
傳真: 886-4-2359-1928
網址: www.geniustools.net