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C85690 forgeable lead-free dezincification resistant brass-made plumbing valve spool. (Forged product) Photo credit: MIRDC

Eco-friendly materials continue to trend amid global industry change

Mar 25, 2022

Industries are focusing on new technologies for better environmental sustainability and to promote the overall protection and safety of consumers. The same is trending in Taiwan's hardware and plumbing sector. Companies and consumers are becoming more and more aware of the long-term impact of pollutive materials on natural resources, and as policies and regulations are changed in other crucial ma...

Financial Events for Upcoming Week (March 14)</h2>

Financial Events for Upcoming Week (March 14)

Mar 14, 2022

1. Foxconn MIH Alliance Sees Over Hundreds of Japanese Suppliers Join Foxconn's foray into the electric vehicle industry is seeing big gains, as The Nikkei reported that notable Japanese brands like Toyota, and auto part supplier Denso, which has invested in TSMC's Kumamoto factory project, are all slated to join Foxconn's MIH Alliance initiative. Other benchmark Japanese suppliers, such as Ho...

Taiwan's SME notes trends shaping the hand tools industry for next decade</h2>

Taiwan's SME notes trends shaping the hand tools industry for next decade

Feb 16, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic's disruption on the economy has propelled the lesser-known aspects of the global supply chain into mainstream awareness, such as the focus on Taiwan as semiconductor chip demands soared. While Taiwan is more widely known as the semiconductor hub of the world, equally crucial to keeping the world's economy running are hand tools. The island's hand tools sector is a centralize...

Industry In-Focus

Photo credit: UDN

Steel makers weigh in on new 2050 Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap

Mar 31, 2022

With the National Development Council (NDC) releasing its 2050 Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap on Thursday, steel metal providers outlined the potential challenges in the industry under the carbon-neutral era. Steel metal providers pointed out that while it is relatively easier to slash carbon emissions, going neutral is "revolutionary," stressing that it is an inevitable trend. With the in...

Taiwan's Hand Tool Exports Recover in 2021</h2>

Taiwan's Hand Tool Exports Recover in 2021

Feb 16, 2022

When the U.S.-China trade war began in earnest in 2018, Taiwanese industries looked on as orders were transferred out of China to avoid getting hit by tariffs, and were redirected to Taiwan instead. These included the hand tool industry as well. While Taiwanese companies were in a similar boat as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through countries in 2020, Taiwan continued relatively business as usual ...

What's stopping Taiwan's manufacturing industry from becoming smarter?</h2>

What's stopping Taiwan's manufacturing industry from becoming smarter?

Feb 16, 2022

Originally published in the Economic Daily News by ITRI Aldea AI Collaboration Platform in Mandarin Chinese Translation by Stephanie Chao Editor's Notes: To create hand tools, one must require the equipment to do so. With digital transformation and Industry 4.0 capabilities becoming more and more prevalent across different industries, the incorporation of smart machinery has become a crucial ...

Supplier News

Steel Mark well-recognized as reliable supplier of lock products</h2>

Steel Mark well-recognized as reliable supplier of lock products

Mar 25, 2022

Founded in 1981, Steel Mark is specialized in manufacturing locks and other related hardware. The company's product catalog includes padlocks, motorcycle and bike locks, deadbolt locks, digital door locks, door locks, rim and euro profile cylinders, and concerning hardware and parts. The company currently operates modern manufacturing facilities occupying 3,300 square meters with more than 40...


HANS TOOL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Hans Tools presents DIGI-TORC digital torque wrench for accuracy and calibration</p>


Hans Tools presents DIGI-TORC digital torque wrench for accuracy and calibration

Feb 16, 2022

Hans Tools has been in business for decades and has years of experience in making professional and industrial hand tools. Every tool is manufactured with care and quality control, and every tool goes through a rigorous examination before delivery. They have a lifetime guarantee and offer free technical tools to be used by professionals around the world. To adopt the digital age in the coming f...


KAI SUH SUH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Source cable ties and wiring accessories with top brand KSS</p>


Source cable ties and wiring accessories with top brand KSS

Feb 16, 2022

Kai Suh Suh Enterprise Co., Ltd. (KSS), the leading maker of cable ties and wiring accessories in Taiwan, who was named a “Top 100 Taiwan Brand” by the Branding Taiwan Program sponsored by MOEA of Taiwan in 2011, has successfully run business by prioritizing professionalism, quality and service for 50 years, supplying a wide range of wiring products to over 40,000 accounts in 126 countries. Th...


Insiders' Views

Caption: Pictured from front row, third right, Changhua County Government Economic Affairs Department Director Liu Yu-ping, County Magistrate Wang Huei-mei, Secretary Chen Bo-tsun pose in front of the exhibition booth. (Photo provided by CHCIA)

Changhua County Government Shores up Biz-Matching to Global Buyers

Nov 18, 2019

■Yang Feng-Chun In a bid to assist manufacturers in Changhua County to expand their market reach overseas against severe competition in the globalized market, Changhua County Government has been an active player in pushing for a makeover and innovation of its local small and medium-sized enterprises. This is done in hopes of establishing stronger connection with international markets. An ex...

Angus Tseng(right) is aiming at SE Asia market (photo taken by Lailai King)

New Chairman of Taipei Kitchen Commerce Association Eyes SE Asian Market

Jun 27, 2017

Angus Tseng, Oddo Kitchen president and newly elected chairman of Taipei Kitchen Commerce Association, is aiming to explore more business opportunities in the international market through industrial upgrading. “Kitchenware industry is now facing the issues such as manpower shortage, inadequate brand differentiation, rapid rise of China, and chaotic market competition.” Tseng said. “Therefore,...

Kristy Chi, MIRDC's industry analyst.

MIRDC Analyst Shares Views to Dispel Doom of Red Supply Chain on Taiwan's Fastener Industry

Taiwan-to-China fastener exports in Jan.-July 2015 total 11,000 tonnes versus only 3,000 tonnes of imports

Oct 01, 2015

The rise of China’s “red supply chain,” a term coined by market observers for aggressive development of Chinese tech industries backed by the central government to minimize dependence on imports and secure sustained economic growth, is widely regarded a growing threat to Taiwanese manufacturers, especially those from the island’s industries supplying products and services overlapping those from t...

Exhibition Highlights

Show grounds at the National Hardware Show in 2021. Photo credit: National Hardware Show Official Website

National Hardware Show to kick off on April 5

Mar 31, 2022

The 2022 National Hardware Show (NHS) is slated to kick off from April 5 to 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in tandem with two other large-scaled expos — Coverings and IDAExpo — as a partnership to offer more procurement, selling, and networking opportunities. NHS is widely regarded as the best gateway into the North American hardware and tools market, especially for Taiwanese suppliers. ...

Photo credit: UDN

CHINAPLAS 2022 to kick off on April 25

Jan 05, 2022

CHINAPLAS 2022, the world's biggest platform showcasing advanced rubber and plastic technology, is returning to the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on April 25 for three days, using up 360,000 square meters of exhibition ground space. The show is slated to exhibit over 4,000 domestic and international quality exhibitors and prepare the rubber and plastic industry to engage wi...

1-on-1 Virtual Procurement Sessions on Day 1 of Taipei AMPA, removing restrictions on location and time for local and global buyers to get in touch. (Photo taken by Lin Yu-shuan)

2020 Taipei AMPA Post-Show Report

Nov 09, 2020

Preface The three-in-one Taipei AMPA wrapped up on Oct. 24 at the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. According to TAITRA’s statistics, the four-day event attracted approximately 6,000 professional visitors, including representatives from Tesla Taiwan, TOYOTA, FORD, NISSAN, the joint EV venture between Foxconn and Yulon, and Michelin Tires. Unlike previous events, TAITRA organized a virtual e...

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Kae Dih Enterprise Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Electric random orbital sanders, professional vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum cleaner systems, industrial vacuum cleaners</p>

Kae Dih Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Electric random orbital sanders, professional vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum cleaner systems, industrial vacuum cleaners

Jun 19, 2017

Founded in 1983, Kae Dih Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001-certified developer and manufacturer of wet/dry vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, dedicated vacuum cleaners and electric random orbital sanders. After gaining solid foothold in the global vacuum-cleaner market, KaeDih tapped its strong R&D capability to successfully diversify its extensive catalog into high-end electric sa...


Superbco Industrial Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Wrenches, suction lifters,sockets, workshop tools,screwdrivers, hammers, etc.</p>

Superbco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wrenches, suction lifters,sockets, workshop tools,screwdrivers, hammers, etc.

Jul 21, 2016

To address the perpetual demand of both DIY users and professionals for effortless, easy-to-use torque tools, Superbco Industrial Co., Ltd., a specialized manufacturer of hand tools, has been promoting its brand new product, Diamond Force combination ratchet wrench. Diamond Force has quite a few appealing features that are developed with Superbco’s abundant knowledge of hand tools. For higher ...


Hung Pump Industrial Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Water pumps and industrial pumps</p>

Hung Pump Industrial Co., Ltd.

Water pumps and industrial pumps

May 18, 2016

Established in 1989, Hung Pump Group (HPG) is renowned as one of Taiwan’s leading pump makers and branded vendors for a comprehensive lineup encompassing clear and dirty water pumps, garden pumps, sewage pumps, high-pressure pumps, grinder pumps irrigation pumps, well pumps and industrial pumps, as well as related accessories and peripherals. HPG’s products are widely sought-after among buyers...