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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Ren Men Technology Co., Ltd.—HA (Human Active) hydrogen energy water purifier</h2>

Ren Men Technology Co., Ltd.—HA (Human Active) hydrogen energy water purifier

Aug 19, 2011

The newly introduced HA (Human Active) Hydrogen Energy water by Ren-Men Technology increases the level of activated hydrogen atoms within the water. This equilibrates the peroxidation in the water, and enables H2O to reach equilibrium. The reduction of free radicals with the body is the most convenient way to delay aging. Ren Men Technology Co., Ltd. 45 Wenhua Rd., Hsintien City, Taipei...


Jeng Sheng Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Garden supplies, DIY tools, molding and prototyping services</p>

Jeng Sheng Co., Ltd.

Garden supplies, DIY tools, molding and prototyping services

Aug 19, 2011

Established in 1989, Jeng Sheng Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of garden tools and related supplies with seasoned know-how of plastic molding and injection. The company has quickly built a solid profile in the line with unremitting efforts on sharpening OEM and ODM capabilities, and developing eco-friendly products. The E-co Pot is one of the company's newest products that materi...


Kenswell Tube Forming Inc.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Reflective coils, liners, decorative moldings, rubber tubes, industrial safety products</p>

Kenswell Tube Forming Inc.

Reflective coils, liners, decorative moldings, rubber tubes, industrial safety products

Aug 19, 2011

With a history of over two decades, Kenswell Tube Forming Inc. is a professional maker of tubes, liners and related accessories. Time-tested production capability and unremitting concentration on machinery upgrades help to make the firm become a top-notch maker in the line in Taiwan. Such advantages also boost its competitiveness in OEM business. The company turns out reflective coils, prot...


Shih Kuo Enterprise Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Garden tools and facilities, home care products, DIY products</p>

Shih Kuo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Garden tools and facilities, home care products, DIY products

Aug 19, 2011

Since its establishment in 1973, Shih Kuo Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of garden tools, home care products, bathroom fittings and household hardware, with production deployments across Taiwan and China. Following years of continuous improvement of production capability and capacity, the company has been reputed as a high-profile manufacturer of its kind. Its product ...


Rare Hardware Co., Ltd.</h2>

Rare Hardware Co., Ltd.

Aug 01, 2011

Rare hardware Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of one-piece musical instruments made of special materials such as sterling silver, titanium-nickel brass, white-brass, copper, brass & bronze, and phosphor. With more than two decades of development, the company has succeeded in expanding product lines over the past several years. At present, its major products include alto saxophone, tenor...


Tai Min Industrial Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Cutters for Food Machinery, High-carbon-steel blades</p>

Tai Min Industrial Co., Ltd.

Cutters for Food Machinery, High-carbon-steel blades

Jul 07, 2011

Tai Min Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is one of Taiwan’s specialist manufacturers of various kinds of knives and cutters. The company boasts it has expertise in developing and turning out professional utility knives, roll-type blades, peelers, fruit scoops, art craft knives, office stationery cutters, kitchen cutters, food processing machine cutters, and all kinds of special knive...


Fortune Collection Inc.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Cosmetics and skincare</p>

Fortune Collection Inc.

Cosmetics and skincare

Jul 07, 2011

A professional manufacturer of cosmetics and skincare products, Fortune Collection Inc. has recently developed a series of anti-aging cosmetics under the Floridity brand. The company's products feature ingredients that are extracted from natural plants with sophisticated processing technology. Among them, anti-aging serum and hydro-magnetic illuminating freeze mask are being highly promoted by...


Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd. - Variety of industrial parts</h2>

Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd. - Variety of industrial parts

Jun 20, 2011

Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1970 in Changhua County, central Taiwan, started up as a small OEM of clothing parts and related accessories and then, after gaining years of experience in punching, diversified into manufacturing leather accessories and footwear parts mainly for Nike and Reebok, hence significantly widening its product range. In recent years and having built considerabl...


Tai Sheng Electrical Machinery Co.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Pedicure spa massage chairs</p>

Tai Sheng Electrical Machinery Co.

Pedicure spa massage chairs

Jun 17, 2011

Since its establishment as Taiwan's first massage-chair developer and manufacturer, the Tai Sheng Electrical Machinery Co. has become the world's leading maker of pedicure spa massage chairs for salons. The company, which markets its products under the NEOX brand, holds the most patents of any Taiwanese company in its line. TAI SHENG ELECTRICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. No. 205, Chung Cheng W...


Chun Pao Enterprise Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'> Plastic materials</p>

Chun Pao Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Plastic materials

Jun 17, 2011

A passion to give customers precisely the glitter that they need has helped to make the Chun Pao Enterprise Co. one of the world's best manufacturers in the field. Able to make over 5,000 kinds glitter in various plastic materials, the firm aims for the world's No. 1 supplier in the line. Chun Pao Enterprise Co., Ltd. No. 38, Ruei Yuan 1st Street, Bade, Taoyuan 334, Taiwan Tel: 886-3-...