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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

comfort-pull mesh back brace(photo provided by I-Ming Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.)

I-Ming Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd.

Jun 28, 2019

I-Ming Sanitary Materials maintains its own personal brand called “I-M,” which was developed to oversee the firm’s efforts in obtaining customized orders. The firm is equipped with a comprehensive production network with diverse types of products available, and thus offer international markets with quality products. They have invested much in the hardware in its factories, production machinery wi...

Single-person electric adjustable bed (photo provided by Green May Corporation)

Green May Corporation

Jun 28, 2019

Green May Corporation, founded in 2000, manufactures and designs electric beds for usages at medical institutions and at home, which are selections featured at the show this year. The firm began to acquire patents in Taiwan, China and Japan in 2011. In 2003, the firm’s factory acquired ISO9001 certification and continues to use German-made OKIN low-noise motors to ensure sleeping quality for clie...



Jun 28, 2019

Chon Teng Precision Co., LTD. (CTT) is a firm boasting expertise in the CNC precision machining industry. This is due to the firm’s continuous accumulation of experience and integration of technical processes through providing OEM / ODM services and solutions, allowing the firm to offer clients smart, quality and fast production services in the medical industry through optimized manufacturing. ...

adjustable armrests (photo provided by VERNAL MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING CO., LTD.)


Jun 28, 2019

As companies and investors chase the latest trends and innovations, often forgotten are those who continue to manufacture the bits and pieces that locks machines and equipment together, the ones who keep the cogs working in a factory. Vernal Manufacturing and Engineering Co., LTD. is one such firm. In the years since its founding in 1984, Vernal Manufacturing and Engineering has continued to p...

photo provided by BIOSTAR

National Chiao Tung University

Jun 27, 2019

Global Research and Industry Alliance for semiconductors at National Chiao Tung University is a government-backed project, executed by academic institutions, that aims to bolster companies, direct and employ academic research results for real-life application. Aside from assisting members in promotion efforts and business matchmaking, such as attending expos, the alliance also enlists academic re...

photo provided by 2018 Medical Taiwan


Jun 27, 2019

Mikotek Information Inc., founded in 1982, is an experienced Taiwanese data integration company that has made its mark in the industry by collaborating with domestic, large-scaled hospitals for many years, enabling them to create reputable, trusting relations, as well as improve the general environment of medical data application in the industry. To do this, the firm combined ICT and Internet of ...

photo provided by AcroViz Inc.

AcroViz Inc.

Jun 27, 2019

As a medical imaging analysis start-up company incorporated in December 2017, AcroViz Inc. is founded upon technology transfer from National Taiwan University College of Medicine, where Taiwan’s top medical minds resides. The team at the university focus research and development efforts on applying diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and AI techniques for brain nerve fiber reconstruction and ass...

China Medical University Hospital </h2>

China Medical University Hospital

Jun 26, 2019

Research centers born out of collaboration between academic institutions and private companies are becoming more integrated in the medical field thanks to thriving new technology like 3D printing and artificial intelligence applications. China Medical University Hospital’s (CMUH) created the AI Center for Medical Diagnosis and eventually Ever Fortune AI Company; Asia University, Georgia Institute...



Jun 26, 2019

Refront IOMT Corp. was established in 2015, concentrating on patient-focused technology in three fields –intelligent ward solutions, intelligent pharmacies and intelligent health care, and maintaining its ability to offer smart health care solutions like in-house R&D production, distribution, cross-field integration and after-sales repairment. Under its brand, Refront IOMT currently has six pr...



Jun 26, 2019

In the burgeoning new, innovative parts of the medical field, Taiwanese firms have continued to be a point of top creativity. This is due to the operational medical field in Taiwan, as well as the continual development of precision machinery and electromechanical industries. To ensure that the firm is capable of maintaining high-quality standards in the medical industry, C-Double Enterprise C...