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Yow Chern Co., Ltd.--Assorted fasteners as screws

Yow Chern Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading manufacturer of fasteners with more than 20 years of experience and a world-caliber brand Aster® Screws. Yow Chern’s competitive advantage is achieved with skillful, experienced staff, which, according to the company, are well trained to make the most o... Full Story

Yow Chern Co., Ltd.--Screws, wedge anchors and screw anchors

With over two decades of manufacturing experience, Yow Chern Co., Ltd. has grown into a major maker of screws in Taiwan, adopting state-of-the-art production equipment to roll out high-end items in Kaohsiung County, southern Taiwan. Established in 1989, this maker boasts expertise in manufacturin... Full Story

Yow Chern Co., Ltd.--Screws, bolts, nuts and OEM parts

Since its inception in 1991 in Kaohsiung County, southern Taiwan, Yow Chern Co., Ltd. has been engaged in production of fasteners on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) basis. Yow Chern is quite proud of its well-rounded production capability in house, having introduced more than 50 sets of... Full Story

Company: YOW CHERN CO., LTD.
Telephone: 886-7-631-1538
Fax: 886-7-631-0510

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