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Cygnus Pferdestarke / GY6 Pferdestarke


10大超值機車 重整介紹~


解決 吃機油冒白煙~

Do you want to know why our cylinder kits won’t less the capacity of the engine oil?

Do you know where the disappeared oil goes? There are two major reasons can be the reference. One, it leaks out. Second, it goes into chamber and blow up.

How to avoid this situation? TAIDA imported AMC valve guide and seat machine and valve grinding machine from Germany.

Those two machines can help us do well working on parts. Not only advanced machines we have but also we can offer good material on our products.

We insist to produce ceramic ...(Read More)


won the championship,

A scooter racing team using Taida cylinders then doing good performance won the championship and many events on the competitive races in 2016.

This racing was running Cygnus scooters.

1. Champion ( NOS 0-50mm 2.811 sec ) 75mm cylinder+10200mm crankshaft = 300.85cc

2. Champion ( 0-50mm 2.871 sec ) 75mm cylinder+10200mm crankshaft = 300.85cc

3. Second place ( 0-50mm 2.892 ...(Read More)


high compression piston

high compression piston


Fuel injection small upgrade cylinder kit doesn't need to machine engine case.

-NO need ECU, No change jet and throttle

-Just go with original (STD) parts

-Customized dome, high compression piston

 YAMAHA  Cygnus 125,110/115,S-MAX, BWS125

 KYMCO  Racing, Many, VJR100/110, G5, G6

 SYM  Fighter, Jet Power, IRX115, Z1

http://td87185162.blogspot.tw/2015/10/blog-post.ht ...(Read More)


Forged Connecting Rod


You can use PayPal to buy Taida parts even though the bank was shut down.

1. Hi~My name is Nikos.

I'm a technician and own a scooter shop in Greece.

2. My duty is to repair scooter for my customers.

Sometime, I will buy parts from other countries.

3. My hobby is going around by a scooter with my wife.

4. Recently, I have encountered an awful situation.

I cannot get my money from our local bank also I cannot to transfer money to my supplier.

5. I can’t get parts for the scooters I repair.

Our banks are shut down here.

6. I feel very frustrated since I can't buy parts and also ...(Read More)


Speed and Power are your best choice~


Speed and Power are your best choice


Motorcycle's engine recommend~

Motorcycle's engine recommend

10-year-old scooter and low power?

I think you need to change its heart for your motorbike to regain it.

Taida can offer you oversize cylinders and many good quality parts for it.

Up the energy of your motorcycle.

Let's clean carbon deposits, then up Taida parts.

Ex: GY6 Original Size: 52.4*57.8 = 124.6cc

GY6 58.5mm cylinder = 155cc

Taida's GY6 58.5mm cylinder don't cut the engine block.

APEX150 Original cylinder=149.5cc

APEX150 62cylinder (174.5)

Taida’s APEX150 61cylinder don ...(Read More)


TD台達商品 日本販売

TD台達商品 日本販売

E-CHI autoparts(イーチ オートパーツ)


〒230-0001 神奈川縣横濱市鶴見區矢向3-38-6

電話 +81-45-761-9003(045-761-9003)


GY6 Maximum Torque Power Motor


We now have new starter motor called "Maximum Torque Power Motor" for GY6. It's more powerful than our first version.

Try it now.


Taida's Management philosophy~

Taida's Management philosophy

Our company-Taida, has 18 years experience on scooter engine, and keep pursuing perfection.

Innovation: Take Cygnus oversize head for example; we get from the first version 20.5/19 to the sixth 27/25.

Professionalism: We suggest clients upgrade their scooter in the safe range for the reliable motor.

Perfection: We insist made in Taiwan for the good quality merchandises.

Hope every client can satisfy with our goods and service is the goal we try to reach.



How do you buy motorcycle boots?

When choosing motorcycle boots, you have to ask yourself, "What is the main purpose of the boot?" Do you need boots that are multi-functional, and it can be used for riding, working, and walking? In order to get the best boot for your needs, first is to know, to check what purpose your boots will serve.

Styles of Motorcycle Boots

All motorcycle boots are not the same. There are several styles of motorcycle boots you can choose from. The most common of these styles include engineer or harness boo ...(Read More)


oversize water cooler 67mm

We can offer a series of water cooled good performance parts for your engine. Most of our water cooled cylinders are produced by mold, no worry leakage problem. Engine can keep in a stable range of temperature, being good heat rejection when it works with liquid cylinder. Therefore, it can get the most efficiency: Big HP, strong torque, lasting working time.

Our radiators made of copper, more corrosion resistant than aluminum and good heat rejection. Pump now has a coat to prevent rust. Hose changed from black to blue, thicker and ...(Read More)


Buying our merchandises, we will give you some professional skill advice.

Taida Motor Part Co. is special in selling motor scooter upgraded engine bored cylinder kits, such as YAMAHA, KYMCO, SYM, SUZUKI and others you need to inquire. We not just do business with you, but also offer consulting service. Buying our merchandises, we will give you some professional skill advice.

We’re now welcome some companies which need scooter engine to do development. Hope to take scooter engine to the next level, not just be narrowed in this way. Parameters, karts, auto rickshaw and others we don’t know, feel free to c ...(Read More)


Taida have blog~

we have blog, welcome to visit our blog.



Riding Scooter at Night

Riding Scooter at Night

Did you want to enjoy the speed but always frustrated by the crowed traffic? Now, you have a better time to choose, at night time.

Lots of people think riding at night is very dangerous and can’t react quickly, but actually is when at night you will be watchful than usual time.

It is cool and very comfortable. So you can’t to find a reason don’t ride at night.

There are some points need to notice:

1. Don’t ride fast, when you are not familiar with the roads.

2. Don’t make big noise, when go through ...(Read More)


Motorcycle Law

Stop two stroke riding

After 7 years, you won’t see two stroke scooters run in some areas in Taichung because of the low-carbon laws. Some representativesthink if want to low the pollutions made from motor scooters, it need more useful and hard laws to stop.

Why to forbid two stoke scooters? Because they will cause many smoke and bad efficiency, although they are easy construction.

It will cause many VESPA fans to be sad; there is no chance to see VESPA scooters run on the Taichung street s anymore. Lots of people don’t want to ...(Read More)


scooter maintenance

There are some common senses about motorbike you need to realize.

1. When you ride about 5000 km, you need to change the air filter.

If you don’t replace the filter, you will influence the efficiency of the cylinder, attached lots of dust.

2. To choose the suitable kind of gas to your scooter. Different compression ratio need to use different level oil, some use 92, some are 95 or98 in Taiwan. Although now are start to popular with electric bike, but trust me. Their power and lot of parts can’t compare with motorbike.

3. ...(Read More)


Motorcycle magazine~

Motorcycle magazine ~

Motorcycle magazine websites

In Taiwan, there are many magazines, and we recommend some popular for you to know. Hope those who want to know more about scooter can through Internet to get lots of information in Taiwan.


Oldest magazine brand, founded in 1982, the magazine featured in answer reader’s questions, and show DIY repair skills.



It has lots of pages than others, and there will has comp ...(Read More)


Cycling around Taiwan by riding motorcycle

Cycling around the island is not only a challenge for people, but also an enthusiasm to the life. If have a chance, you can’t miss it, and to try it.

Go the trip, our partner, motorcycle, we need to realize it and to check it.

There are two kinds of motor bike, two strokes and four strokes, we should know them.

Two stroke motorcycles, 50cc, will use lots of pump oil and have some smoke, and the fast speed among 60-70km per hour, now are eliminate gradually by people.

Four stroke motorcycles, 125cc, have no pump oil and smok ...(Read More)



For 4 stroke engine, piston up and down finish one cycle.

And now talk about the relationship between crank and the engine power (HP).

When use the extended stroke crank, it sure to up displacement (c.c.), but the turning speed of the crank will be slow than original crank and will influence HP.

It mean the big extended crank will run slow to finish a cycle.

(The speed to finish a cycle: 8000 crank > 3000 crank)

Take G5 and Cygnus products for example:

1. The same G5 crank (stroke 54.5), the bigger cylinder, the bigg ...(Read More)


racing field

Longtan TYKA racing field

Address: No.48, Ln.452, Gaoyang N. Rd., Longtan Township, Taoyuan County 325, Taiwan

Tel: 03-4719727

Website: www.karting.com.tw/main.asp

Chunan PKS racing field (0.65 kilograms)

Address: No.12, Danwenhu, Zaoqiao Township, Miaoli County 361, Taiwan

Tel: 0922-563053

Website: www.rks.idv.tw/index.asp

Zhongxiao ERC racing field (0.94 kilograms)

Address: No.3, Zhongxiao Rd., Dalin Township, Chiayi County 622, Taiwan

Tel: 05-2656343

Website: www.erc-kart.com.tw/

ARK Tainan Anding small ...(Read More)


Be careful when you ride the motorcycle.

There are 5 points; you should always keep in mind.

1. The faster you ride, the less you see. When you ride fast, not only let yourself be dangerous, but let other people get involved in unsafe environment. What is the relation between the speed and vision? When we are walking, we can see the 90 degrees. Riding bike, we can see 75 degrees, but when the riding speed be 40km, the visible vision would be 65 degrees. So the faster speed will cause the less sight you can see.

2. The fast speed can’t stop quickly. For example: A mo ...(Read More)



We established Taida youtube movie on 2013,

lots of motorcycle lovers join it. When we have new news, we will put them on it. No matter you are a individual or professional assembling motor shop, we will Welcome your visit.

YouTobe Taida motor movie : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCabbBlaUQjPIwzv4gDFxtxQ?feature=watch

We established Taida FB fan page on 2013, lots of motorcycle lovers join it. When we have new products or some future goods, we will put them on it. No matter you are a individual or professional assembling m ...(Read More)

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